Will Jellis, pictured on the left, often supports feminist causes, identifying his single mother who is passionately feminist as a key influence in his life.

Can men REALLY be feminists?

Boys say leave the Lad Bible alone – it’s those scary man-hating feminists that put them off. They can’t be right, surely…


Meet Ben Allinson-Davies, the British student interrogated for his support of the Free Syrian Army

This is Ben, he’s a student and he’s embroiled in the Syrian conflict


QUIZ: Guess the celeb at uni

Can you name the celebrity from their uni pictures?


Students are more likely to vote Tory than any other party, and more would vote Green than Lib Dem

Most students care about politics but feel ignored by Westminster, a Tab survey has found


Confessions of a former student gambler

“I won £500 on the football and lost the betting slip in Crisis. I cried when I got home.”


Which Game of Thrones character is your uni?

Do you lash with the Lannisters, booze with the Baratheons or snort with the Starks? Season 1-3 spoilers, obvs


Student loses £1million after filling in wrong betting slip

Leeds Met live up to their rep as betting mistake costs student a fortune


‘Can we stop pretending that the Boat Race is in any way important or interesting?’

Oxford student Joe Edwards tells you why nobody should like the Boat Race


Cirque du Vintage

What happens when you put sneakers and sequins together? The Tab’s editorial photoshoot.

headingley cat 4

Headingley cat becomes internet celebrity after ‘opening bakery’

Internet goes bonkers for entrepreneurial cat who invented a new way to catch birds on Headingley Avenue


Random drug tests to be introduced before exams

Leeds Uni bring drug cheat crackdown – meaning you could be disqualified for doping before an exam


Student wins a huge £5050 in Student Lotto

From 50p to £5050 – Kingston student bags £5k with Student Lotto ticket

daily mail

Stop whining and admit it: You love The Daily Mail

In defence of the newspaper everybody loves to hate


BNOC of the Year 2014: The Winner

The votes have been counted. We can now reveal who is the Biggest Name on Campus 2014.


Head for Berlin and work for the world’s most exciting new companies

Land your dream job at a startup with Startup Institute’s immersive 8 week program


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