How does your library conduct compare?

For the majority of us, simply making it to the library is a major victory. But there are a few hardy souls who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and truly made the library their home.

We asked around and got you – and the librarians – to tell us about all the weird things you’ve done when you probably should have been working.

Edd, 1st Year, French and Italian


“I was on floor two in Brotherton West, checking out the talent, when a fine young specimen caught my eye over the partition. She caught me staring, and instead of looking away I ducked down and lay low. Feeling like a lecherous pervert, I retreated to the individual cubby-holes in Eddy B. I haven’t been back to Brotherton since.”

2/10 - We all know the library is excellent for talent-spotting, but this love story clearly wasn’t meant to be. Head to Level Flirteen Edd, you might have a bit more luck there.

Ellie, 1st Year, Arabic and Russian


“I have often made a bed out of chairs and taken my daily 1pm nap. The library staff were concerned at first, but now they just don’t check anymore.”

4/10 – Good effort with the chairs, but sleeping in the library is an integral part of uni life. A bonus point for the live action shot.

Kiran, 3rd Year, Medicine


“During my three years in Leeds the library has been like a second home to me, so for a whole weekend I actually decided to make it my home. I ate, worked, slept, brushed, shaved and showered in the library, and it was bloody awful.”

6/10 – For a 24 hour stint including shaving, camping and finally discovering when they clean Eddy B, we salute you. A fine send-off for a fine institution.

Laura Davis, 1st Year, Maths


“Me and my friend took some cokes topped up with vodka into the library the other week. It made doing work a lot more interesting”.

7/10 – A refreshingly new way to procrastinate and certainly cheaper than going to the Library pub. Also, extra kudos for not throwing up in one of the stacks.

‘The Squad’, 2nd Year, International Relations/History


Boy 1: “I had a wank in the level 8 toilets, does that count as outrageous?”

Boy 2: “Level 8? I always use level 10…”

8/10 – You all knew this one was going to feature, but hats off to these guys for admitting it. Now it’s up to you to decide which two were the confessors, and which is the one who just got in the photo for the fame.

Anonymous, 1st year


“No comment”

10/10 – It’s the big one. We’ve all heard of someone who’s apparently had sex in the library, so to meet someone in real life was pretty damn exciting. Apparently it was on level flirteen, so the next time you’re there have fun figuring out where they might have done it – I’m stumped.

Brotherton Librarians



“Not that much happens here, but people are constantly falling asleep on their desks. It’s pretty funny. Some guys also once brought a whole meal in with them – breadsticks, hummus, carrot sticks. They were pretty annoyed when I told them they weren’t allowed to eat any of it.”

5/10 – The Brotherton Library is notoriously the stricter older brother of the two main libraries on campus, so it’s not surprising that the librarians didn’t have much to tell. Alternatively, there are more places to hide there, so maybe you Brotherton regulars are just better at not getting caught.

Edward Boyle Librarians


“We’ve seen a lot of strange things here over the years. Takeaways are pretty common during exam season, but once someone brought a kettle and tea set in with them.

“We’ve also found some odd items in lost property – wet swimming kits, underwear, people’s dinner. I guess the weirdest thing was when someone dropped a plant in the outdoor book drop.

“Oh, and someone was skateboarding on level eight once too.”

7/10 – We knew Eddy B would come through for us. With it’s pending closure it will be a while until this library experiences any more action, but as a child of the 70s, it’s probably been privy to much more than the librarians could ever imagine.