Trending hashtag sums up all of the quirks that make Leeds what it is.

In the build up to the Leeds vs Chelsea football match, Twitter went fully northern with #ifyouknowLeeds becoming a worldwide top trend. We picked out the best of the bunch.

They ranged from general ‘banter':

To observations:

Seasoned clubber knowledge:

Important house hunting tips:

 And life advice:

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  • Fuck You

    Does anyone read this shit?

  • Daniel

    I was enjoying this up until she got bored and decided to only write half an article.

  • cp
  • lesley

    She’s “going sober”….. but she’s drinking Red Thunder…. eh??

  • ,

    I didn’t know you could get English Embassy’s.

  • Jes.

    Wonder how he managed to pay for a taxi in “kunas” in Slovenia when their currency is Euros…

    • Iain

      Croatian currency is kuna, think he is comparing it to that as he was originally on holiday in Croatia

  • Kate

    Mate, Slovenia is in the EU…. You don’t need a passport to travel in a coach!

    • Iain

      I don’t know why but I had to show a passport when on a train going through Slovenia! Scary police with guns there