Anyone would have done it (except for the poo)

LUU’s Rugby Union captain has been sacked and the club have been sanctioned after their controversial actions in a slightly rowdy social earlier this month.

The Otley Run social saw members of the side throwing eggs and setting off smoke bombs.

Their antics culminated in a mob defecating in front of Charles Morris halls.



Now a huge backlash from union fleeces has seen the club disciplined and the club caption and social sec have been removed with immediate effect.

In an official statement, LUU said: “Leeds University Rugby Union Football Club (LURUFC) received a formal disciplinary from the Activities Executive on Monday 24 November.”

“This disciplinary action was taken as a result of some club members’ behaviour on Wednesday 12 November.”

“As a result, the Activities Executive decided to enforce the following actions:

  • The Club Captain to be removed from his committee position with immediate effect
  • The Social Secretaries to be removed from their committee positions with immediate effect.’

The club’s committee are fully aware of these actions.”

Fiona Metcalfe, Activities Officer, told The Gryphon: “As the representative of Leeds University Union’s clubs and societies, I apologise to all those affected by the team’s behaviour.

“The actions of certain members of the group are completely against Leeds University Union’s social guidelines.

“The complaints received about their behaviour have all been taken seriously and the necessary disciplinary action enforced.”

  • WHQ bouncer and pals

    “i’m not even dabbing….promise”

    • pars r us

      LOOOL man with name like Crispin got BAITED. Durham is too jokes

    • FashionPolice


  • Crispin

    hey guys, did I mention that I drop? (Cause I do)

  • an avid kluter.

    Personally I think the Klute bouncer is a decent bloke. I’ve been kicked out only once and he told me why afterwards, then shook my hand.

  • Anon

    If you have ever chatted to any of the Klute bouncers you will realise that they are actually decent guys just trying to do their job, often it is the students who are too drunk to realise that they are behaving like almighty dicks

  • Harry ‘the Saus’ Hill

    I fucking love dabbing mandy.

  • James Bond-Knight

    No doubt your night was hampered by many negative and unsavoury experiences to which Im shocked. The security industry employs over 100,000 SIA licenced staff whereby your story may tarnish us all as social media is mightier than the idiotic doorstaff. In the opinion of the majority SIA licenced doorstaff you should have reported it to the police and sia rather than let it go viral and scare people. Stories based on emotional anger do not help us make improvements.

  • Rachel

    If you think you’ve been treated unfairly by a bouncer, you should be going to the police about it. Or maybe actually you think you probably deserved it?
    If you had concerns about someone tripping and nobody had noticed it to help him, why don’t you help him or go and tell someone. It sounds like you’ve done nothing right in these situations.
    Bouncers do their jobs, what they are paid to do, and 99% of them do it well – don’t write a complaining article about them just to make yourself feel better.

  • Alexander Michael Nugee

    Licked the ceiling in Klute once. Not bad. Once took Ket thinking it was Viagra, WHQ had another thing coming that night I can assure you Durham folk!

  • I Hate Shit Writers

    When you were sitting on the toilet in the locked cubicle were you having a shit or just pissing like a girl? You strike me as someone who pisses like a girl.

  • Bouncey

    The bouncers probably beat you up because your name is Crispin Lord, and deservedly so.

  • The Commodore


  • Not A Union Fleece

    Metcalfe’s hardly making me ‘happy’

  • Anonymous

    It seems as though the negative press surrounding events was exaggerated big time and the union have made a very rash decision. They clearly don’t understand how sports societies work if they think removing the head person, who has been voted in by the members of the club themselves, will solve problems. Another example of the union trying to take control of clubs, yet ironically they are more likely to face a backlash. Fiona Metcalfe should be working alongside clubs to help change them for the better, not scapegoating the captain who is likely to be the most respected member of the club!

    • Anonymous

      It seems Matcalfe is not fully engaged with the sports societies if she believes removing a club captain is the way forward. The Activities Exec have a wide range of backgrounds with only one of them representing sports, and therefore seem to not understand the way the clubs work. By removing the most senior person you are undermining any previous action they have taken to control the club and will do absolutely nothing if you intend to improve. It does not set a good example to freshers, should the union feel the club needs to change, it should be proactive in its approach and work alongside the elected committee. The committees are voted in democratically and are there as they are the best people for the job, they are the most influential members and and the ones who will have the ability to take clubs forward so removing them will damage the club as a whole.