Smacked steve featured image

The strangest burglary ever? Students’ house ransacked then guilt-ridden robber returns goods

Iconic local ‘Smack’ed Steve’ gives a lesson in security


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Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead

Rebecca More featured image

Porn star Rebecca More’s magical mystery sex tour: ‘Leeds was a flop’

Get it up boys


Smoke Leeds every day: Snoop Dogg comes to Control

Where else would you spend your birthday?

central teacing hub

Professor gives CPR following ‘serious medical emergency’ in lecture theatre

Witnesses in Central Teaching Hub say lecturer was left shaken


This guy got the quadratic formula tattooed on his bum

It didn’t make him any better at maths


These were the best clubbers at PRYZM this week

Depending on your definition of best


I ate out of bins for a week

And I didn’t die


Hero warden makes sure freshers aren’t buying bad MD

‘Don’t buy any drugs from the man outside Basement 45′


I ate a raw eel to see if it’s a hangover cure

It’s not


Breaking: Person hit by train at Leeds station

The incident has brought the station to a ‘standstill’


TabTV: Boozenight

Filmed in front of a live, and very drunk audience


The Safer Sex Ball is back – celebrate by looking at some attractive people not wearing much

This is so uni


Varsity: Live

Saving you the bus fare and telling you what’s going on in Uni’s battle with Met

The last supper..the club had a team meal last night

This is the team who will win Varsity this afternoon

We’ll even tell you what school they went to


Here are all the discounts you’ll get at the Student Lock-In

The Student Lock-In returns to Trinity Leeds on Monday 29th between 7.30 and 10pm