Bobby and his married friends.

Review: We All Need a Bit of Company

Check out our review of LUU Music Theatre Society’s performance of ‘Company’. 3.5/5


Review: Attempts on her life

After interviewing the director earlier this week, I still had absolutely no idea what to expect from TG’s final play of the semester: Attempts on Her Life. And I was pleasantly surprised.


Preview: TG’s TAttempts on Her Life

We found out what the Theatre Group have been up to with their newest play… a barefaced, hilariously dark, explicit attack on modern Western living…. something we are all awfully fond of.


Review: Live at Leeds

The best of both the up-and-coming and the well established (well established indie ONLY though)


Preview: Live at Leeds

Indie melting-pot of the north returns to Leeds and we find out who’s playing and gracing our stages

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Interview: Tell Me A Secret

We caught up with the brains behind the novel and daunting new theatre piece under-wraps within some drama students

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Review: Our Class

Olivia Hickey gives us her opinion on last weeks performance of ‘Our Class’

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Review: Mum, Dad… it’s The Leeds Tealights

A run down of all the fun at the Library pub this week – including comedy sketches from ‘Twins’ and ‘The Tealights’.


Preview and interview: Our Class

Olivia finds out from the director what Our Class is all about and why you should head to stage@Leeds to see it THIS WEEK!!

pornography play

Review: Pornography

CHARLIE BOOTH went to watch Theatre Group’s production of Pornography and was impressed by its climax


Review: A Servant to Two Masters

There was no James Corden but let’s hear what Leeds University had to offer as an alternative…


Fresh Meat Feast On Campus

The cast of Fresh Meat’s comedy lecture didn’t live up to all it was hyped to be, writes KAY ANUCHA

Servant Cover

Interview and Preview: A Servant to Two Masters

We interviewed “Three slighty clueless first years trying to make a play”


Leeds RAG Fashion Show WRAP Party

GEORGIA BENJAMIN takes The Tab to the RAG fashion show wrap party


Leeds RAG Fashion Show a Hit!

LUCY BRADLEY gives us her thoughts on the Leeds RAG Fashion Show


It’s coming home again…

The Tab had a quick catch up with the curators of Itchy Feet, one of the most successful club nights to leave Leeds.