You’ll never be this pretty

RAG have released a super vibesy promo video for their annual Fashion Show.

The Alice in Wonderland themed promo, which features beautiful people stroking rabbits and smoking pipes backwards, has been released in the runup to the show on the 26th of February.

It might be a bit pretentious if they weren’t all so damn good looking.



  • JS

    This is a very well written and intelligently discussed article. As someone who is overweight myself I often feel I shouldn’t comment on the issue as I am inherently biased but I do feel that being overweight has been the last bastion of discrimination for years. Even traditionally ‘intelligent’ programming such as ‘Have I Got News For You’ will have a joke each week about how fat Eric Pickles is or how many pies Alex Salmond must eat, because it’s easy and because people like to target others to feel better about themselves. News articles that demonise the overweight are also commonplace.

    Being overweight is difficult (you often find yourself having to make a
    second impression because the first impression people make of you is
    based upon your size) but clearly it is appropriate that we ought to try
    to live a healthy lifestyle. Becoming fat is multifactorial, both
    psychologically and physiologically so to group all fat people together
    as ‘lazy over-eaters’ is discriminatory. It is hard to balance the ideas
    of appropriately promoting a healthy lifestyle and not treading people down so it is good to see the dialogue opened by articles such as this.

    • Ian and Paul

      In all fairness, HIGNFY is fucking shite, it passes off low-brow humour that’s only a few steps away from being Roy “Chubby” (ooh, topical) Brown-esque with the veneer of middle class respectability. Hislop and Merton are genuinely funny, whereas the writers for that show are awful. Hence, you end up with jokes about how fat Eric Pickles is, instead of mocking him for his vile actions as Communities Secretary. What a cunt, fat or not.

    • bob

      it’s your fault though

  • StackedAsFuck

    I dont really agree with the authors, but Im glad the tab has published something which isn’t utter shite for once.

  • fat_ally

    Women have been oppressed for centuries; fat people are only oppressed in the present because of our awful shallow modern culture.

    You can’t really compare the two, but I agree that people should just stop being such dicks and stop shaming fat people

  • Person

    Fat acceptance I can do, in fact I intend to pork up a bit when I’m married and living in my Italian villa eating pizza everyday. What I have found to be the trend, however, is that those wanting “fat” acceptance are in fact obese, and that I can’t accept. To use your example of job interviews; if you were hiring someone and the first thing they say is that they’re an alcoholic, you’ll reasonably think they’re less capable than someone who isn’t. Of course there are exceptions, but I’m always going to have a preconception that obese people are inherently lazy, and no amount of these asinine signs is going to change that. Good article though.

    • hghikjh

      I would accept your analogy of alcholism to obesity if it was in a job in which being thin/fit/healthy were a requirement and thus would affect their ability to work. But this is not the case for most jobs so it doesn’t work.

  • Unhealthy

    I’m sorry to go against the trend here but I do think that fat people should be encouraged to lose weight and feel bad about being unhealthy. As a smoker I am made to feel like it is wrong, due its health consequences, on a daily basis. If others who cause themselves health problems get discriminated against for them why shouldn’t fat people? It’s not a lifestyle, it’s a choice and as such, people should feel compelled to correct bad choices, as everyone is.

    • Bella Eckert

      Although I agree with you about encouraging positive life choices, the anonymous fat shaming in many of these comments is complete justification of the arguments made in this article. Yes, fair enough, smokers are made to feel bad about smoking and ‘putting a strain on NHS resources’ but people aren’t ashamed to speak out against smoking. This is aimed at most of the comments below, not particularly at you: if you’re going to comment on a tab article with a strong (and some could say offensive) view at least have the balls to put your name against it.

      • Jonny Porker

        0/10 would not bang

      • bob

        Fat should be shamed. It’s a personal failure.

      • Jamie

        I actually think people are ashamed to speak out in favour of smoking. It’s really rare that they do which is odd considering how many people choose to smoke and, presumably, like it.

  • Anon

    Obesity kills and causing huge health problems. Start eating a healthy diet and doing exercise.

  • Truthsayer

    “Fat hate” doesn’t kill anywhere near as many as being fat does.

  • Lizzie

    Well written article and I agree with a lot of it. However saying “There is no scientific consensus whatsoever that fat people need to exercise more, or that fat is unhealthy” just isn’t true. There may be different sides to the story and exceptions but on the whole, fat people are less healthy and there are a lot of risks and issues associated with it.

    • Bilbo

      I believe he was merely quoting ‘angry, man hating’ Nicole Sulivan, who is obviously bat shit insane.

  • Self Righteous Healthy Person

    This is fucking ridiculous. Being female is perfectly acceptable and normal, with no detrimental societal effects. Being fat is unsightly, a drain on NHS resources, demonstrative of a lack of self respect and a prime marker of indolence. Comparing ‘fatfuckerism’ to feminism is totally invalid, discrimination against women is totally wrong, and that’s coming from a white male.

    I’m sick of this climate of liberal, ‘we must accept and love everyone for who they are’ bollocks. Some things are neither acceptable nor socially helpful, and in many cases, people need to be told more frequently that their behaviour is unacceptable.

    Sort it out you fat fuckers, keep your gains lean.

    Back to my kale smoothie.

    • guest

      yes. yes. yes.

    • “Betty”

      Self Righteous Healthy Person, you’re funny and semi-right as f***. Love your style

    • Filibusta Rhymes

      Painfully correct.

    • bob

      >keep your gains lean


  • Llama

    You need ‘fat acceptance’? what you need is decent food and exercise. Being overweight isn’t something you’re born with (though in some cases there are medical exceptions) For most it’s a lifestyle choice (akin to smoking or alcoholism) that costs the NHS millions of pounds and hours of time a year. Smokers have been ostracised by society and it’s becoming unpopular, as is alcoholism, so why on earth are a bunch of sanctimonious fuckwits trying to get acceptance for overweight people? And I noticed they mentioned how being overweight doesn’t have any health effects. Well that is absolute rubbish and I don’t know where they’ve got that idea. To clarify, I have no problem with overweight people and wouldn’t discriminate against them, but I wouldn’t support them for being overweight.

    • shhh

      I wholly agree with what you have said but what didn’t sit well with me was your labelling of alcoholism as a lifestyle choice. How ignorant. Addiction is an illness.

      • pedophiliaisanilness

        The poor lambs….

        • justmy2cents

          As a med student, I’ve had nothing but sympathy for about 90% of the alcoholic’s I’ve met.

  • giraffe on scates

    Not to be rude but can you not just do excersise vids in your own room if you feel selfconscious that people will laugh at you? I jog on the spot in my room cuz I look like a giraffe on rollerscates when I do it outside…

    • wake_me

      of course you can. they’re just using feeling shame at the gym as an excuse. The thing is I firmly believe people in the gym would be supportive and call out people giving those trying to lose weight sh*t.

  • Dave

    The trouble is, if being obese becomes a totally blind issue, it makes it seem more acceptable and the importance of health will be overlooked more so.

    Smoking is not as socially acceptable now as it once was due to the stigma caused by awareness campaigns etc, this is exactly the same.

    The states have slipped to far to the point where they almost glorify obesity. You don’t have to be rude to somebody who is fat, but simply telling them their health is in danger, and they should not be content with it is not be rude, it’s fact.

    • Famke Stewart

      I live in America, and yes, it’s become completely normal. I don’t know how it is in your country, but it’s not unusual to see a 300-400+ pound person in a mobility scooter. And many doctor’s offices have bariatric chairs now, which are ridiculously huge.
      Many, many people that I know or work with also have diabetes.

  • OS

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Some people are more genetically predisposed to getting fat than others, fair, we’ll accept that. However if someone is genetically predisposed to lung issues, they shouldn’t smoke. If someone is genetically predisposed to addiction, they shouldn’t gamble, why is it one rule for some and one for another?

    Being fat is on the whole a choice, it’s science, if you eat fewer calories than you burn off then you can’t put on weight. It’s harder for some than others to stay thin, but that’s life, everyone has their limitations. Why should we be made to feel guilty for stigmatising a choice that leads to unnecessary strain on national health services?

    Feminism is an obviously worthy cause, and on the whole gender is not a choice. While there are obvious inherent differences between the sexes, we appreciate the fundamental equality of gender. You are not born fat, and you can always change your weight with some hard work. What’s next, if I choose not to wash I should be respected for stinking out a train carriage during rush hour? Fucking ridiculous, feminists need to distance themselves from this stupid campaign.

    • Famke Stewart

      Yes, it’s kind of a shame that feminism is getting tied up with this crap. And let’s all admit it, these people aren’t defending fat for health reasons, they just want everyone to tell them they’re pretty. That’s all this is.
      There are health issues that also need “acceptance campaigns” like mental health issues and real disabilities (as a relative of blind people, you wouldn’t believe some of the crap they put up with), but those issues don’t affect one’s beauty. So, these people don’t give a damn. Do you see fat acceptance people fighting to change the stigma against bipolar or deaf people? NO. Because they are not civil rights leaders, they are self-absorbed, entitled wankers.

  • llama

    Nobody is born fat, it’s a result of lack of exercise and a bad diet. to compare this to feminism, where in the past women have been discriminated against due to something they cannot control (coming from a white male) this notion of fat acceptance is ridiculous. What next ‘Paedophile acceptance’? because after all they can’t help it

    • JustBulking

      I disagree: I was a fucking fat baby.

      • anyone

        How many fats did you fuck as a baby?

        • JustBulking

          Just your mum

          • Sid


          • Filibusta Rhymes


    • Karmakarmacharmeleon

      Paedo acceptance is becoming a thing, someone I know posted a this about it. Pretty obvious he’s a closet paedo when he’s posting that sort of shit.

    • Chris Yarland-Price

      actually i was born 13 pounds heavy which is alot for a baby i won’t say that lifestyle does not have an effect as i’m fatter now that i live alone. but some people are at a gr8ter chance of being overweight and there is a very simmilar correlation between obeisity, smoking and alcoholism they are all just different forms of addiction but it is easier to be treated for smoking or alcohol addiction.

    • Famke Stewart

      Funny you should mention pedophiles. Fat acceptance bloggers regularly call men who like thin women “closeted homosexuals or pedophiles”.
      These are people who want you to accept them, but they smack talk everyone else.

  • Llama

    ”The activists also purportedly argued that the BMI scale has “direct links to a white supremacist” and is useless because it was created by a “white, male, French astronomer.” ” Is ths actually being serious? I can’t tell, because I wouldn’t put it past some people to hold such a view.

    • radfemisgoingtokillusall

      Yes they are being serious.

    • Famke Stewart

      Yeah, these people tend to be frequenters of Tumblr. And so they blame white men for just about everything. They also compare fat acceptance to the civil rights movement.

      They are the definition of delusional.

  • David

    “Fat Activism” iroonnnyyyyy

  • FatLover

    Just in case anyone was deceived by the nonsense in this article that there is no evidence that being obese increases your likelihood of getting ill (which costs everyone else money), here are just two studies that I found in about 30 seconds:

    Proof that BMI correlates with incidence of diabetes and hypertension:

    Proof that BMI correlates with incidence of heart disease:

    And if anyone thinks that the ‘activists’ have a point when they say that the BMI scale has no foundation as it was founded by a
    “white, male, French astronomer.” then may I remind you that gravity, calculus and thermodynamics were all invented/discovered by a white, male (admittedly not French), farmer called Isaac Newton. And if you’ve ever seen a fat person walking up a flight of stairs, you are bound to realise that the existence of gravity is definitely no less true despite its origins.

    So fatties, do all of us a favour and stop trying to justify shoveling those extra Mars bars into your face.


      The BMI is a terrible scale to use to determine if you need to lose weight especially since England’s rugby team would all be considered obese, its main flaw is it doesn’t include mass of muscle just weight and height!!!!

      • JustBulking

        That’s true, if you’re a muscular man. For females and your more rotund gentleman, however, it is an almost perfect predictor of body fat %.

        Obviously, bf% is more accurate but it’s also a lot more difficult to measure, whereas BMI can be found from things you probably already know.

      • EURFC 1st XV

        In all fairness though, have you seen Ben Youngs, Billy Vunipola, Thomas Waldrom, Ben Morgan? Lads could do with cutting out the pasties, and none of them have the excuse of playing in the front row.

  • Kalooni

    *Wealth and power

  • gotsda .

    Being fat is unhealthy. Therefore you’re not only harming yourself, but putting a greater strain on society.
    It’s also unattractive to most people, and unfortunately telling people you’re wrong for having an opinion is laughable.

    Lets be real here if you were an employer, and two people wanted a job had identical CV’s but one was healthy and the other was obese, you would hire the healthy person.
    They’d be less likely to take time off for health related issues, they would (depending on the nature of the job) be more productive. So it’s far more expedient economically.

    A lot of the reason why people feel bad had been show to be due to being fat, being unhealthy is bad for the mind as well as the body. Plus it can be explained by evolution why people are less attracted to those who are unhealthy, because you want a healthy partner to raise healthy offspring.

    So no, fat acceptance is stupid and I think dangerous. People should be encouraged to lose weight, not told its alright to live a lifestyle that is detrimental to both themselves and to society.

  • kebab hero

    Can see this movement running out of energy pretty quickly.

    • curvy woman

      Only to have a second wind shortly after lunch

  • Slim chap

    This is a slightly more light-hearted look at it, but worth a read and equally as true.

  • Guest

    These kind of movements always try and link themselves to other more real movements as a way of validating themselves.

    If you can’t discriminate a person on skin colour why should you be ashamed of weight? If you can’t discriminate on gender, why weight?

    As if just equating them like that makes them equal, society today defends everything so these people feel like as long as they’re preaching acceptance they are in the right. But they’re not. They’re putting themselves at risk, and in turn costing the NHS money.
    This whole movement should just be an anti bullying campaign. Not a ” I am proud of putting myself at risk, now accommodate for me.”

    Look we have a whiteboard, a tumblr, hashtag, and I am bullied, fuck me right?

    Also, you want bigger seats, showers and toilets? Use the disabled if you really do have a condition.Why should more be spent on accommodating for your self affliction.

    • Famke Stewart

      Exactly. How is it shaming them to have normal sized facilities, when 30 or so years ago, EVERYONE USED THEM. But no, everyone who cries “discrimination” gets whatever they want handed to them.
      If I were a person of color, I’d be extremely offended, because you would know that people wouldn’t take discrimination claims seriously anymore.

  • Ollie

    I hate this kind of thing. It is absolutely fair for a society to have a set of ideals, and fat people should not feel like they can reprimand other members of society and expect the same treatment that slender people receive. By all means, be horrendously overweight, but don’t fucking expect the same advantages of being a slim healthy person. Idiots

    • Famke Stewart

      Don’t forget how much they hate skinny women. There was one “social justice warrior” who actually said it was shaming them if you walked anywhere with a skinny woman. Like they’re supposed to just die alone or something.

  • Fat Shamer

    I hate fat people and all that they sit for.

    • Arne Karlsen

      I find it sad thay people judge others based on their health-situation without any knowledge as to what might be behind the illness. I’d rather be fat and kind than thin and hateful.

  • Notorious F.A.T

    smoke a fatty

  • Tom

    This headline is ridiculous. ‘Is Fat the new Female?’ Females make up around about half of the worlds population. Stop referring to women as if they’re a fucking minority group.

  • common sense

    Most people have a basic level of respect for any person who eats healthily and exercises a decent amount, regardless of what that person looks like. Some healthy people are naturally big, and they should not be called ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’. We should reserve those terms for gluttonous fools who buy into shit like this and genuinely believe that eating McDonalds and fried chicken every day isn’t going to give them an increased chance of a heart attack, and other health problems. To demand that such people deserve respect for their stupid life choices is absurd and insulting to those of us who actually care about our health. Alcoholics and smokers get shamed, why shouldn’t fat people (again, only referring to people who are unhealthily fat rather than naturally large people).

    Instead of this ridiculous movement which demands ‘justice’ for idiots, why not back the feminist anti-media/ fashion body image campaign? The fact that 1 body type (super skinny) dominates our ideas of physical health is wrong, and causes people to assume that healthy, large people are overweight. This is where the issue is.

  • H.I.Y.A.

    I’m a skinny girl and fat people always say “you need to eat more” f**k you. If you can’t accept me for being thin, I won’t accept you for being fat – now go and eat less.

    • Famke Stewart

      I know how that feels. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked if I was anorexic, or acted as though I was starving cause I didn’t finish a table’s worth of food, I’d be one rich little lady.

  • Skinny Shite

    Fat acceptance? Really? Next thing you know someone tries to justify drug abuse. Call it heroin activism. People make choices in life and they better learn to live with the consequences of those choices. Yes, there’s stigma attached to being fat, yes, you may be disadvantaged in some social interactions. But instead of complaining about it, go and prove it’s all wrong, work hard, make something of yourself while being fat and then preach. I bet you my left testicle that Rebel Wilson doesn’t give a flying fuck about her body weight. She has accepted the fact and she has learned to live with it and make the most of it. Overweight people should stop complaining and blaming others for their life choices.

    On the other hand, people should distinguish between overweight people who are overweight by choice and those who are overweight due to a disease. There should be social acceptance of people who don’t have a choice to be overweight or not.

  • JustBulking

    Fat people should be celebrated: when doing an intensive sport I found it very difficult to find the time and stomach space to eat upwards of 3500 calories a day. For these people to do that as a matter of course is remarkable.

    • Body Builder

      only 3500 a day? awwww baby’s first bulk

  • Feminist

    Enraged by the nerve of these people to associate such a ridiculous movement with feminism. ‘Is fat the new female?’ Fuck off is it.

    Just adding to the list of reasons why so many people don’t take feminism seriously.

    • chauvinist

      way to fuel the stereotype lesbian feminist image.

      • wut

        where did you get ‘lesbian’ from?

      • mate….

        way to fuel the lesbians are fat stereotype…

  • Smelly Twat

    Some time in the near future: ‘Being a smelly twat activism – I need smelly twat activism because us smelly twats also need accepting. I hate the stigma that comes with being a smelly twat. It’s not always due to the fact people don’t shower or take time out of their day to look after themselves. The UK needs to accept smelly twats and our society needs to stop normalising the prejudice of these smelly twats’

    • JustBulking

      I refuse to shower again. It’s just too much effort and studies show that you’ll just get dirty again. Instead, you should learn to accept me and if you find me utterly repugnant that’s your own fault for being intolerant.

      These people literally think that getting rid of the stigma by telling everyone else they’re wrong is easier than eating less. Perhaps this is due to inadequate teaching of the basics of nutrition and the way the market uses people’s ignorance to its advantage. Perhaps. Either way, trying to change people’s evolutionary brain functions is an admirable but ultimately foolish task. No one wants discrimination for the way they look – I wish girls could look past my unfortunate face and terrible hair – but that’s not the way the world ever has or ever will work.

      A lot of people seem to think it’s a genetic or a problem with their thyroid. Yes, genetics may have some input into your skeletal shape and metabolism, but at no point will they make it physically impossible to lose body fat. That’d be a miracle of science. An underactive thyroid may also have some effect, but thankfully modern medical science has this thing called medication which can help to cure it. If you’re not on it it’s because you’ve self-diagnosed through pure laziness.

  • Wrong conclusion

    Yes harassing or being aggressive toward fat people is wrong, pathetic and immature.

    Yes some people are naturally, healthily large and people should not assume that they are overweight and unhealthy.

    Neither of these reasons suggest that therefore, being overweight is okay. It’s unhealthy and unattractive, it is bad for the individual and bad for the economy as more and more money needs to be spent on obesity-related health issues each year.

  • lol
  • Jo

    Interesting article. I agree, we need to stop normalising fat prejudice. Making someone feel bad for their weight clearly isn’t solving problems. I think there are often physiological problems behind a persons weight too ( low-self esteem, depression), which I think need to be tackled instead of simply telling the person to eat healthily or exercise. Mental and physical health are very interlinked, and I think that needs to really be addressed.

    • :)

      You’re right, you will usually find if you fix one the other fixes itself.

  • Carl

    Fat acceptance I can stomach. Obesity is not good for you and it costs the NHS additional money, but I’m not going to discriminate against you in the workplace or commit a hate crime over it like hanging you from a tree. You’re a person nonetheless, and hell, the rope would probably break. Make your own life choices like all smokers and alcoholics, that’s your lookout. But don’t think that society is going to make special allowances for you because you couldn’t stop yourself from going back for seconds. If you need two seats on a plane, you can damn well pay for them. Don’t go crying “fat shame!” because the bariatric MRI scanner wasn’t large enough and they had to take you to the zoo to use the one designed for large animals, or because the surgeon was physically incapable of penetrating your walls of fat in order to operate on you. You’ve made your choices – now either pay for them or join a gym.

    • Filibusta Rhymes

      Besides, it would have to be a really strong tree.

  • Thomas

    Being overweight isn’t healthy, it costs the UK, USA and EU economies more money through healthcare, benefits and missed days than any other disease or habit e.g. drugs/smoking in the western world. It’s an uncomfortable, lazy and dangerous way to live which shouldn’t be justified because overweight people are being offended, you deserve to be offended, you’ve put your body in a horrible way and you’ve cut years off your own life. This kind of movement (of lack of it) is exactly the opposite of what we need in the Western World.

    Sit Ups and Salads.

  • AC

    OH MY GAWD Nicole Sullivan are you f***ing mad?! The biggest causes of type 2 diabetes are obesity and lack of exercise..

  • james

    I’m a short male at 5ft3. Maybe I should start an activist group called hobbitism because at least I can’t change that when I get shit for being short lol

    • Reason

      That would be fair, you don’t have a choice we shouldn’t discriminate against people who haven’t made the choice to be what they are.

      • james

        People have made a choice to be who they are which is fine. Trying to change society to accept that being obese and healthy is fine potentially damaging people in the future with this opinion isn’t. Starving yourself isn’t an option either. This is coming from someone who used to be fat, lost weight and never looked back, not only because my confidence has increased but because I have a lot more energy and feel happy most of the time because of it.

        • james


    • Body Builder

      lol manlet gayboy perfect height for sucking 6’5 master race guys’ dicks

      • James

        ‘Body Builder’ seriously that was the best name you could come up with?!

        dream on mate, stick to your henry hoover…

  • factivism

    Fat activism, the problem and the solution

  • Eleanor

    I am 100% supportive of overweight people/everybody having a positive body image and being happy with the way they look, even if society on the whole seems to deem it ugly. However this shouldn’t mean that they ignore the health risks associated with their weight. Anybody who chooses to eat an unhealthy diet and not get enough exercise should be aware of the harms they are doing internally and try to change their lifestyle: even if they look like they are a “healthy” weight on the outside.

  • JM of T

    Fat shaming does work and is a tool that I view to be reverse psychology.

    From fat shaming, I can determine who has good willpower and who does not. If you respond well and go to the gym, kudos to you, you are a person who I would want to work with and be friends with. You want to improve yourself, good.

    However, if because of some remarks you start to feel sorry for yourself so load your face with cakes, then you are a weak individual in my eyes and therefore a premature death and a lesser likelihood of you continuing your genes into the next generation because of your disgusting fat looks is music to my ears.

    It’s all about self-improvement. If you don’t want to be the best idividual you can be; by education, giving to others and health, then I don’t want you in my community.

    • jeff

      give me your address. I’ll come beat your weak skinny ass up. If you can’t resist me beating you up, then you’re a weak individual who deserves to die early.

  • FattiesMustDie

    Fat fucks who moan about not being accepted because their arse can’t fit in one bus seat should be slaughtered and sold as whale blubber.

  • Robstermd

    Everyone has a right to live how they chose, which includes being fat if they want to, that’s fine but such things are PERSONAL choices which means it’s your own damn responsibility.

    It is their choice and not societies that made them fat. It’s societies choice to enforce pointless gender roles… it’s not societies choice that you ate 3 pizzas for breakfast.

  • FattiesMustDie

    A shocking new revelation has discovered that the Earth is getting closer to the sun under the weight of an obese population. There is only one solution for this: the fatties must be destroyed.

  • FattiesMustDie

    If fat people want acceptance then they should feel right at home in Alaska. They have plenty of seals and killer whales up those parts.

  • FattiesMustDie

    We should make a reality tv series called ‘F-Survivor’ but instead of celebrities it should be fat people who have to survive in the jungle.

  • Strom Thurmond

    “Fat shamers often say they hate fat people because of how they impact on others – taking up seats on planes and costing the health service money. But the truth is that many choices and ways of life impact on others, and singling out fat people (over drinkers, smokers, loud talkers or slow walkers) is unfair, spiteful and unneccessary.”

    Who is singling out fatties? We make smokers leave the building and go stand in little sheds to indulge their stupid habit. In the US, we charge them more for health insurance. Being a fatty is just one more stupid irresponsible behavior with negative consequences reaching beyond the individual. It takes no effort to include them on the list of those who should be shamed and shunned.

    • Jeff

      Smokers leave the building so you don’t breathe in the smoke along with them. Having fatties around you won’t make you any fatter.

      • :)

        The original reason for smoking being stopped on planes for example was for the comfort and safety of other passengers, I would also suggest it was the main factor in it being banned everywhere else indoors. Yet it is fine for somebody to purchase a single seat on a plane that they are clearly too big for.
        this both lowers the comfort of up to two fellow passengers and undervalues their seat as they get less seat than they have paid for, on top of causing safety risks in an emergency situation as they will block the free movement of other passengers.
        I agree that smoking on a plane devalues the experience for other passengers, I would argue though that I would rather there be a smoking smoker next to me than a fat person on a flight, and a coach, and a lecture, and all the other situations where people are packed tightly for space reasons.
        Perhaps my bigotry towards smokers isn’t as strong as everyone else’s.

  • FattiesMustDie

    Anyone caught outside with a BMI of 27 should be sent to a forced labour camp.

  • FattiesMustDie

    Its surprising that fatties can feel offended with so much excess blubber

  • FattiesMustDie

    Fatties need to know their place belongs on the treadmill

  • FattiesMustDie

    The breeding of these creatures is a worrying concern we must deal with by swiftly implementing more PE and a legal obligation of 2 hours of exercise a week.

  • FattiesMustDie

    “The battle of America is over. I expect that the battle of Britain is about to begin” – Winston Churchill after checking himself on the scales.

  • FattiesMustDie

    I wandered lonely as a fatass,
    That could not climb on high o’er vales or skies.
    When all at once I saw a mass,
    A host of golden curly fries!

  • Preston

    I think there needs to be a “This is non-cat fingerer privilege” movement too. No-one should be discriminated for their cat-touching habit.

  • FattiesMustDie

    Ten thousand saw I at one glance,
    But I did not stop, nor have a chance,
    To ask politely or savour the taste,
    As I began to stuff my face.

  • FattiesMustDie

    For oft when on my couch I lie,
    Breathing heavily and filled to burst,
    Hunger overtakes my stomach’s cry,
    And healthy eating is reversed.

  • FattiesMustDie

    And then my heart with cholesterol fills,
    And weighty stomach begins to kill!

  • Ash

    The only fat people I accept are the ones who have an issue with their body that has resulted in them being overweight i.e – diseases and genuine disorders (not some whiney “no confidence” horseshit). What I don’t accept are the lard arses who think gravy is an energy drink and their idea of exercise is reaching for the TV remote

  • ValkyrieJen

    Britain, stop this nonsense now. It has ruined us in America. You still have hope.

  • I can’t deal with this planet

    This movement is disgusting and dangerous. I agree, fat people should not be bullied for their weight as nobody deserves to be insulted based on their appearance (especially if it’s genetic, although apart from some very rare cases, most of the genes that people claim to have only PREDISPOSE you to obesity so it would still be preventable). However, fat people need to be pushed in the right direction. I have many friends who smoke and every now and then I like to remind them of the dangers of it without offending them. Why can’t we do this with fat people? Nobody should be shouting abuse, but a quick “you should probably try and lose some weight, it’s not healthy to be that way” from a friend should not be classed as offensive… But it would be. My Grandfather suffers from chronic heart failure and diabetes, undoubtedly, due to the fact he lived the majority of his life being overweight. I don’t blame him as the older generation didn’t realise the effects a bit of cake every day has on your health and it’s too late for them to change, but the younger generation should be educated enough to see the dangers.
    It’s great that the person who wrote this article is trying to lose weight, every overweight person should quit the excuses and try their best to be healthy. Activists like this are a huge problem for our country and the NHS, filling people brains with this shit is the last thing we need. As a science student, obesity is a risk factor for a large proportion of acquired disease we learn about. People saying fat isn’t unhealthy is just plain wrong, it will just encourage fat people to stop trying and increase the UK’s spending on obesity related health issues.

  • Anon

    Being fat may be the “acceptable social norm” but it shouldn’t be. Not because people discriminate against their appearance, but because being fat is not healthy. Obesity is an illness and people shouldn’t be forced to accept it because its discriminating against somebodies appearance. Obesity should be unacceptable because it is an unhealthy lifestyle choice. You should try to get slim, not to be “socially beautiful” but because you are at an unhealthy weight and are putting your health and life at risk.

  • WhiteGoodman

    Cora Segal sounds like a right barrel of laughs. In reality though, you simply can’t put equality for fat people up there with equality with respect to sex, age, race or ethnicity because these are something innate about you as a person.

    You cannot change your natural gender, you cannot change your race or ethnicity because these are things that you ARE. Being fat is something that you represent.

    Every time exercise is avoided, and unhealthy meals are consumed, a choice is being made which is contributing to the plight fat people find themselves in.

  • Body Builder

    Fat oppression cannot be compared to racial or gender oppression because it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s like Bronies starting a movement to end Brony ridicule.

    So happy I’ve made it in to an article, btw! :D

    Any aware brahs here? Give me reps on the misc my username is Malfurion

    • wake_me

      negged phaggot

  • Nutrition student

    As a nutrition student, (and one who enjoys a bit of cake too!), I think that being obese has definitely become more accepted in society than it ever used to be. I believe everyone should treated with respect – no one should ever have to be ‘fat shamed’ thats just mean! However, I do think that it is obviously not a good thing to be overweight, which I feel this campaign is getting at a little. It leads to heart disease, diabetes and the list goes on and on. It would be much better to see a campaign that made overweight people feel more comfortable to exercise more, and get advice about what to eat and how to make changes so they can feel more confident and basically live longer!

    It’s a very hard thing to change your eating habits as you need food to survive, but if overweight (and underweight people too) felt more comfortable getting help maybe it would change things for the better! Stopping food marketing is also a massive thing too!

  • Famke Stewart

    Yeah, congrats, parents. Paying your kids tuition was totally worth it, right?

    I get wanting to introduce new ideas, but you don’t have to accept all of them. Sometimes, an idea is just flat out wrong or stupid. You don’t need to pretend to be all philosophical about it. No one is impressed. Quite the opposite, really. It’s like having a workshop devoted to crapping ones pants. Everyone discussing how society shames them for pooping themselves in public and walking around smelling like shit. Oh hell, nowadays I’m sure even THAT would get it’s own special buzzwords and degree program.

    But hey, let’s all keep pretending that fat people are victims that need saving and worship. Let’s keep ignoring evidence and logic in favor of being lazy gluttons. I’m sure there are no reprecussions whatsoever.

  • Al

    Let them be. They are destined for an early grave. This article is stupid and baseless.

  • just saying…

    So I’m currently tipping slightly towards being fat. However, many years ago I was anorexic. So I can see from both sides of the coin.

    I agree that “fat shaming” is bad. It’s bullying, fat people are still people, and for all you know there may be health reasons or other issues contributing to their weight outside of their control.

    However “fat acceptance” is too far I think. If we were all to totally accept and be ok with being fat, then no one would bother doing anything about it. It IS unhealthy, and we don’t want a nation of unhealthy people.

    What these people should be lobbying for is support from skinny people. There should be more campaigns in gyms to stop fat shaming and allow people of all body types to feel welcome. You say a lot of them are students, well as a student myself I can tell you the lifestyle is not helping them. Do something about making healthy foods cheaper and more appealing to students.

    Fat shaming is counter productive. But so is fat acceptance.

    • wake_me

      thing is you probably don’t need campaigns in gyms. Everyone I know who works out is incredibly supportive of people trying to get in shape because they’ve been there before and/or respect them putting in the effort to better themselves. It is the fat pride movement that people have a problem with.

  • shamu

    I’m getting the meat sweats from reading these comments

  • Chris

    why should we encourage people to live an unhealthy lifestyle pretty much everyone frowns upon smoking due to its negative affects on health! Furthermore the tax payer then suffers for it. Why should i have to pay for someone’s triple heart bypass just because they dont know when to stop eating when it could be used to fund something worth while like cancer research!

  • NormalBMI

    Fat Acceptance: Because writing stupid stuff on a whiteboard and taking pictures of yourself at you is easier than getting off your fat arse and losing some weight

  • gandalf

    I like Geoffrey Millers haircut.

  • Fat man scoop

    bloody fat fuckers eating my food. put them on an island where they can live off eachothers fattiness. they do my ‘ed in those fat fucks!

  • Katie Louise-Dunkerley

    This is absolutely daft! I have been overweight on and off throughout my life it makes no difference being too skinny or too fat is both unhealthy in different ways! If your too skinny you can get brittle bones, loss of hair bad skin etc due to malnutrition and being too fat caused more strain on the heart and organs, bad skin and higher chance of diabetes. You don’t have to be skinny to be healthy however you can be curvy with a healthy bmi . I’m all for positivite attitudes towards each individual no matter how they look but the issue is how it’s addressed we shouldn’t knock others due to their size but encourage them to become healthier. I’m currently dieting and I’ve never felt better proving my health is improving I will never be skinny but I will be healthy. Feeling good about being fat or thin covers up the issue it doesn’t solve it don’t get down about it but make healthier choices to give you a more fulfilled life .

  • FattiesMustDie

    The fatties must be taken back into the firey chasm from whence they came.

  • FattiesMustDie

    There should be forced conscription for fat people. Two birds with one stone if you ask me – if they survive they lose weight, if they don’t then no big loss!

  • Captain Obvious

    You don’t encourage fat people to stay fat since then they won’t get thinner and will thus will stay more vulnerable to huge hosts of health complications. Sure, you aren’t wantonly mean to them as that’s bad whoever you’re targetting, but you don’t start celebrating it!

  • Anonymous Libertarian

    Fat Acceptance saved my life. Not because I finally found a group where my feelings of inadequacy could be mirrored to like-minded individuals, but because it encouraged me to join a gym and lose weight. I’d sooner put the hours in and be my best me than be even remotely associated with an awful, narcissistic group that at its core would seek for the censorship of its detractors.

    If you want to live your life eating what you want, not playing sports or anything else you want to do with your life then sure. Go ahead. That’s your right. I don’t want to get into the argument of whether or not they should be struck off the health system for damaging themselves because that’s another can of worms.

    What I will say though is that if you want to be able to say that your right to live your life the way you want, you have to be able to deal with the fact that people will criticize you for it as they will any other lifestyle choice. No matter how illogical or ‘offensive’ their position might be. Also to have the brass to say that airline seats being too small are a form of privilege and discrimination is ridiculous. I am a six foot three male and I can not sit straight on a bus because my knees won’t fit in behind the seat in front of me. That’s not because Arriva hates my guts and wants me to go in the big trash compactor from Star Wars to lose some height, or because they want to reward people for not being lanky freaks with bad haircuts. They do so because it’s good business to have as many seats as possible. The conspiratorial hysteria around fat acceptance is why it doesn’t get accepted as a legitimate egalitarian movement.

  • Elaine

    This whole article makes me angry. I think Fat people SHOULD be shamed. if they are going to lead unhealthy life choices fine, but if it affects me and my life, when i lead a very healthy lifestyle and work hard for it. Why should they have acceptance and i get told to ‘eat a sandwich’. Smokers DO get discriminated against. Alcoholics DO get discriminated against and for good reason. Its unhealthy! so why shouldn’t fat people get discriminated against for leading an unhealthy life style. They cost the taxpayer extra money and infringe on my personal space. I understand food is an addiction. But if thin healthy people can do it what excuse do fat people have unless they have a health condition, which 9/10 out of 10 can be helped and avoided if they changed their diets. You can become thin again just through diet. the gym is there to increase muscle and fitness. So people say they feel uncomfortable and get shamed through being fat, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEN. if you’re unhappy, do something about it. don’t expect the world to accept it if you cant accept it yourself

  • Selene R

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for *most* fat people (namely, women) because as a thin, fit chick…I am routinely made fun of by fat women who suggest that I need to “eat” anything, from a sandwich to a whole pizza, and why? Why do I need to eat those items when I am at a normal weight for my height and my doctor is not concerned with my health? I eat healthy food. Period. If fat people are clowned for being fat, then maybe they should realize that being fat is actually not the ideal human form. Fat bodies are not ideal for too many mammal species, period, unless you are a marine mammal living in cold water. I’m sick of going out with my husband and having obese women give me mean looks and stinkeyes because I am not fat like them, so they “hating” and sniggering like some 6th grade girls at the “twig”. Ugh. That alone makes me want to make fun of them, but then I would be wrong…right?

  • Bloke

    “Some girls are bigger than others” – Morrisey

  • Craig

    Being fat isn’t healthy. I wish people would realise that just because something hurts your feelings it doesn’t give you the ability to force someone not to express their feelings.

    In the words of Stephen Fry, “It’s now very common to hear people saying “I’m rather offended by that”, as if that gives them certain rights…it’s no more than a whine. “I find that offensive” – it has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase (much like ‘fat shaming’ as a phrase). “I am offended by that” – well so fucking what?”

    • Jeff

      Fine. You can express your feelings about me being fat. In return, I can express my feelings that you should F–k Off before I slam your weak little thin body to the ground.

      • Bobananda Das

        because your fat makes you strong?

        I weighed 215lbs, got down to 178lbs. My lean body mass was the same before and after…158lbs.

        getting fatter doesn’t make you stronger

  • White Goodman

    Because here at GloboGym, we’re better than you! And we know it! Sign up today to turn that frankenstein you see in the morning into a Frankenfine!

  • Seriously?

    Being fat is not good. Better support for people who are obese is needed, telling people to accept them the way they are is stupid and dangerous to their health. You pick out smoking and drinking as other things that waste a lot of health money, but there are multiple campaigns against that, especially smoking. (at least it says drink responsibly on ads).
    Perhaps we should put eat responsibly and pictures of clogged arteries on McDonalds?

  • FattiesMustDie

    The filth of the fatties must be eradicated for all time

  • Bekkiie Fagan

    I am fat and fabulous. For all of you that believe that being fat is unsightly, it isn’t. What is unsightly is your disgusting attitudes of people that you do not know. Would you tell your fat friend that they’re unsightly? If you do they are probably too good for you anyway.

  • Miss Pies

    Overweight people should not be shamed, but they should not be applauded either, just as thin people should not. I think there’s a hard middle ground we have to hit, without making any weight group feel more or less desirable. There’s a considerable amount of thin-shaming today as a backlash from those fighting against fat shaming. Everyone should be proud of their body.

  • Janie

    Smoking is wrong because it is totally a choice to do, there is absolutely no health value to it, is only detrimental to your health if you do smoke, and can negatively affect those around you whether they smoke or not.

    Fat people aren’t necessarily fat because of poor choices, overeating and laziness, and eating is a necessity; there is no way around that. Some people just tend to carry more weight no matter how healthily they eat or how much they exercise. Some people try to be as healthy as they can but are dealing with other health issues that lead to weight gain. And someone having a second piece of cake is not going to affect the health of anyone else around them who doesn’t want one.

    Being fat cannot be automatically contributed to poor choices and should not have to be a source of shame for someone. There are way too many people in the world putting others down when they have no idea what that person has to deal with in life. It’s not just a matter of willpower and not stuffing your face. Any one of you could face being overweight one day, and I hope you would get all your crap right back. Fuck you.

    • Wilford Brimley

      You obviously suffer from the beetus, and you have my pity.

    • Bobananda Das

      It is a choice, but it’s tied to willpower. Like alcoholics, fat people are addicted. And like alcoholism, the addiction that causes obesity can be defeated with willpower. And like alcoholism, this destructive, unhealthy, costly addiction should not be accepted, or celebrated. It should be strongly discouraged.

  • Jinx

    I gained 3 stone after being in a violently abusive relationship. I was constantly told how worthless I was during said relationship, and I ate to block out all the traumatic experiences I had been through. To be honest with you, getting my academic, personal and emotional life back on track has been a priority for me rather than getting back into my jeans. However, I am yet again being told that I am not ‘good enough’ for society because of my size. This provokes another episode of emotional eating and so the cycle ensues. You can call overweight people unsightly, ugly, unattractive as that is your personal opinion. However, select your attitudes towards them carefully. You don’t have to give a fat person dirty looks or mutter something under your breath. Maybe show some fucking compassion. However much you hate their appearance, they hate it ten times more. Losing weight is on the agenda for them, frikking believe me, but there are more pressing goals in people’s lives than achieving a beach bod to fit into their hollister tees in time for summering with Mummy and Daddy in the Maldives.

  • Sarah

    I can see the correlation between this and feminism in the sense that women are always being shamed in the media for being fat, even when they’re not. We live in a society where size 8 is considered the norm, when actually adult women on average are bigger than that, the most common size is 12/14. Its disgusting that Jennifer Lawrence has been called ‘fat’. So those who think fat shaming isn’t a feminist issue, you’re probably wrong.

  • Kersland

    Just NO, people in the third world are dying from lack of nutrition and here we have people eating themselves to death… I won’t ‘accept’ that

  • Pizz Lid

    Hear hear. Mike and Molly IS terrible isn’t it. Can we start a shame campaign against that?

  • Bacon

    Gas all the grotesque ham beasts! Fuck off with your thin privilege bollocks

  • Arne Karlsen

    You should all watch this YouTube clip in regards to obesity.

  • Rohan

    I thought fat people were meant to be jolly?!

  • Bojo

    Ahh being fat must be difficult and depressing for a lot of people. The issue here is between social perceptions of beauty and those of health. Fat is unhealthy and has been made to seem unattractive by the media and health campaigns etc. However just because there is media influence involved does not mean this is not true. If you are obese you are slow, you are using up a lot of energy just to be able to move around, energy that must be replenished (and so the cycle continues). Nobody wants to be unfit it such an exaggerated way. When contrasted with a ‘model of fitness’ (however exaggerated they may be), obese people look simply deformed. It may sound harsh but it is quite frankly true. This doesnt mean to say that they should be alienated from society, hell no. They need to be integrated, they should feel comfortable making a conscious effort to change, to jog or go gym or whatever. A person laughing at a fat guy in a gym is a fucking bellend by any standard. Shaming should be converted to supporting, at the end of the day we are just entities with bodies that we control. To violate the security of the mind on the basis of the attatched body must have hugely detrimental effects on the owner,all for a cheap laugh. Meh, good luck fat people!

  • dave

    ‘There is no scientific consensus whatsoever that fat people need to exercise more, or that fat is unhealthy. There is no evidence that [being] fat causes diabetes’.

    The person who said this is dangerously misinformed.

    As a final year med student I can say that there is plenty of scientific consensus that being overweight/obese is associated with numerous diseases, including type 2 diabetes.

  • rhysybbe

    i think the issue is that people are being horrible to overweight regardless of who they are and what they are actually like as a person which is obviously some form of discrimination that is more of a bullying level of prejudice rather that that of sexism and racism. The fact that unless you are going for a job that requires you be physically fit(soldier) you will not be turned away because of your weight. However if you feel you are proud enough to say you are overweight and that is fine then really you should be aware of the fact that others dislike this as this is a ‘life choice’ (as people call it these days) of yours and there is no excuse for people to be overweight while the majority of the population manage to keep their weight under control. some life choices are most certainly not good for the greater community and while it is fantastic to feel good about yourself its not hard, no one wants you to look like christiano ronaldo they just want you to be healthy enough to not be spending (unnecessarily) public money via the nhs.

  • Diplomatic

    Unless you have a genuine underlying health issue there is no excuse for being fat. People arguing against fat shaming are right to do so coz it’s pretty harsh at times, but I think fat acceptance and effectively ‘celebrating’ unhealthy bodies is a step too far in the wrong direction. People should be encouraged to make healthy life choices, so I fail to see how a public campaign that validates unhealthy life choices through acceptance is helpful as it fundamentally contradicts the main goal?

  • sophie

    I find it weird that everyone is so eager to attack. Fat people need support and help, not self-righteous aggression from thin people.

  • chrisssyyy

    ultimately, being fat is a choice. you can lose weight if you want to and it is that simple.
    you dont wake up in the morning and suddenly youre fat.

  • Weird how…

    It’s absurd that the leader of a public group can get away with self-identifying as an “angry, man-hating lesbian”. Imagine the vitriol against a similar activist society for men, and its subsequent invalidation as a legitimate rights group, if the leader openly identified as an ‘irate, woman-loathing homosexual’.

  • unknown

    This Is Thin Privilege is the most ridiculous concept ever created. Protip- stop being such a baby and lose some fucking weight. Not only will you feel better about yourself in every way, you’l live longer. And if anyone mocks you for being at the gym, they are a cunt. Do the adult thing, ignore them, and continue exercising.

  • No.


  • Jamie

    The economic burden of obesity, MGI estimates, is 2.8% of global GDP, roughly equal to that of smoking or war.

    From a research paper by McKinsey. Obviously people should be happy but they should also know what they’re doing. Claiming obesity can’t lead to diabetes or serious health problems is as morally reprehensible as saying that smoking doesn’t increase your chances of getting lung cancer.

  • Gary Glitter

    Words can’t describe how shit this looks. Still peng

  • Northern Warrior

    Is this what southern people do when mummy and daddy aren’t here anymore to pay them attention?

  • Bob

    This is embarrassing for everyone involved

  • jamie

    the people really aren’t fit, poor selection.