humans fb

Meet the man behind the facebook phenomenon Humans of Leeds

Apparently he does a lot of walking


These were the best clubbers at PRYZM this week

Depending on your definition of best


I ate a raw eel to see if it’s a hangover cure

It’s not


Varsity 2014: A journey into the lukewarm world of ‘uni spirit’

What happens on the pitch is irrelevant

Louis Timpany - 3rd year International Business

Meet the Captains

We rounded up and quizzed a few distinguished leaders so you can decide which team you should join

Alright, calm down

Yet another brilliant student music video: Medics make a song and dance out of how tough their degree is

Leeds Medic Council have either produced one of the cultural highlights of the decade or a desperate cautionary tale. We’ll let you decide which.


QUIZ: How Leeds are you?

Find out whether you’re a true Leeds uni lad or lass.


Top tips for graduates from Norfolk legend Alan Partridge

Essential life advice for students leaving uni, courtesy of the Mid Morning Matters DJ.

Contestants will be lapping up desserts like this

“An amazing fucked up union type thing”: Get Baked’s latest business venture

The Tab meets the man behind the world’s first munchies delivery business


The alternative Leeds prospectus

Because they don’t tell you what snapback to wear on your open day

Is this the craziest society AGM?

Booze, boobs and Boris Johnson. Bea Winsdor gives us the inside track on the Snowriders 2014 AGM.


How to have a poo at a house party

Probably the most important thing you’ll read all year…


Life of a student commuter

A typical day in the life of a student who lives miles away from campus

The Tab student news

Eight signs that you’re approaching graduation

Whether you can’t wait to graduate or are filled with dread at the thought of not being a student anymore, here are eight signs that graduation is approaching.

good haircut

The Tab meets owner of best hair on campus

Catching up with second year student Aaron, the hair to the BNOC throne.

m burton

7 Signs you lived in Montague Burton

From meet-and-greets at the barbecue area to getting harassed by sub-wardens a minute past curfew, here’s 7 signs you lived in Leeds Uni’s friendliest detention centre.  Welcome to Montague Burton.