Police appeal for help in finding a second man spotted on CCTV

Police are desperately appealing for witnesses after a local was assaulted outside Club Mission on Sunday.

They have made an arrest after a man handed himself into police last night, but they still want to find a second man who was spotted on CCTV.

A 23-year old man is still in hospital after being knocked unconscious outside the popular nightclub shortly after 3.30am.


The arrested man, also 23, has been transported to Leeds where he is being questioned on suspicion of causing Grievous Bodily Harm.

He handed himself in at Walsall Police Station in the West Midlands following appeals for information by the police about the attack.

Police have now released an image of a second man in connection with the incident.

It is believed the victim was knocked unconscious following an altercation with the two men, who had been denied entry to the club.

The Wakefield man was taken to Leeds General Infirmary with serious head injuries after the assault on Heaton’s Court.

Police describe his current condition as stable but “very serious”.

Do you recognise this man?

Do you recognise this man?

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Snow, of West Yorkshire Police’s homicide and major enquiry team (HMET), said: “The arrest has come about as a direct result of the public appeal and we are still seeking information to help us identify the second man shown in the CCTV.

“As we detailed yesterday, he has a distinctive ‘undercut’ hairstyle which is shaved all the way around the level of the ears and then pointed at the front.

“We believe he is also from the West Midlands area and I would appeal for him to come forward or for anyone who knows who he is to contact us.”

Anyone with any information is to contact HMET via 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


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