Student found dead in Leodis

Leeds Student confirmed dead in University accommodation on Friday evening


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Missing Pet of the Week? Check out these Leeds puppies giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘WAG’.


Clubber Steve: pint sized-party animal hits the big screen

If you haven’t heard of Clubber Steve before, you’re going to like him.


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People at Southern unis read more books than their northern counterparts


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We’d all like a pizza dat ass.


The seven drunk girl personas

The female equivalents to your Jekyll and Hydes… after a few drinks


The alternative Leeds prospectus

Because they don’t tell you what snapback to wear on your open day

Is this the craziest society AGM?

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Is homophobia rife on campus? One in five gay students suffer bullying

NUS announces shocking findings of UK LGBT experience survey

Appearances can be deceiving

Fans left gutted after Jamie Laing’s disappointing club appearance

The Made in Chelsea star arrives late, screws up the DJ set and ditches the meet and greet session just 15 minutes in.

SFW porn is a lot more realistic

Porngasms are not real

Alexia Sharp explodes the bumpin’ and grindin’ myth of the female orgasm.


An undercover pint with the EDL

I sat and drank beer with the English Defence League and one of them wants to “smash some Paki face in”


Video: Two students fight over a computer in the library

Revision has reached fever pitch in the Harold Cohen as two Asian students come to blows over a library computer


Topless feminists mock society initiations in bizarre library video

Nudity, spanking, milk, and dead birds – a typical society initiation (Not Safe For Library)


Student Lotto offers massive prizes as part of May Madness

Celebrate summer and win a Yamaha scooter, festival passes and cinema tickets as part of the Lotto’s latest giveaway