Ban booze from campus, say Home Office and NUS…even though student drinking is DROPPING

Patronising Alcohol Impact scheme orders unis to ban drinking in SU bars and stamp out pub crawls


Top tips for graduates from Norfolk legend Alan Partridge

Essential life advice for students leaving uni, courtesy of the Mid Morning Matters DJ.


Union removes ‘offensive’ card after student complains…as a JOKE

LUU have banned another product, after a sarcastic complaint by a student about a topless greeting card was taken seriously


As a law student, can you please shut the fuck up

Your typical ‘lawyer’ is a charmless, robotic smuggard

Contestants will be lapping up desserts like this

“An amazing fucked up union type thing”: Get Baked’s latest business venture

The Tab meets the man behind the world’s first munchies delivery business


The seven ways girls handle breakups

From caving to the temptations of Ben and Jerry’s, to declaring thermonuclear war.

StudentFunder team (ready to press the button) (1)

Can’t afford to do a Masters? Can’t afford not to?

Fund your postgraduate or professional course with


Is it raining in Leeds?

The weather in West Yorkshire has finally decided to keep up with modern times; it has a Facebook page.


Student found dead in Leodis

Leeds Student confirmed dead in University accommodation on Friday evening


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School spirit and pride are alien to the British psyche – let’s face up to some hard truths


Leeds puppy England squad need new homes

Missing Pet of the Week? Check out these Leeds puppies giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘WAG’.


Clubber Steve: pint sized-party animal hits the big screen

If you haven’t heard of Clubber Steve before, you’re going to like him.


The nerd index: how much time do you spend in the library?

People at Southern unis read more books than their northern counterparts


Why pizza is better than a boyfriend

We’d all like a pizza dat ass.


The seven drunk girl personas

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The alternative Leeds prospectus

Because they don’t tell you what snapback to wear on your open day