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  • Bile Spreader

    This article comes across a little naive, especially in the title- unis have always been full of sexism, full stop. Except, perhaps, for a brief period in the late 60s and 70s when feminists really did rule the roost, often with rather odd ideas about enforced lesbianism (c.f. Andrea Dworkin)

  • Daniel Mizen

    I am a UCL rugby lad. Not only am I more intelligent, I am more of a lad too. You boys sound like a bunch of fucking fairies. Come down to the Loop on a Wednesday and I’ll show you how to chop a cold one.

  • Fat Wanker

    This makes me embarrassed to be a member of UBRFC . Not only is it poorly written, it also highlights the fact the majority of UBRFC are a bunch of socially inept, self-centred, fucking idiots.

  • Sticks and balls

    Great read, couldn’t sum up the philosophy of the club any better.

  • Jerry

    As Bath Uni is regarded as one of the top sporting universities in the country, UBRFC should be ashamed that the only thing they’ve won in the past few years is the Combinations Cup, where they eventually scraped past a bunch of fat cider drinking part-timers. Perhaps they should concentrate less on learning the lyrics to Only Fools and Horses and ‘bolting pints’, and actually start performing.

    • I love hockey

      What about being BUCS national sevens champions? Poor trolling Jerry, good effort though.

      • Jerry

        Shame on me. Forgot the 7s Rangers. Seed for me then eh boys?!? Chubb-Z and Farmer Giles are gunna have my fucking pants down.

        • Jog On Jerry

          Clueless as to what you’re chatting about Only Fools and Horses Jezz..? Everyone knows that ‘Lady of the Manor’ is the fan favourite these days!

  • Strong chat all round

    “Respect the hierarchy” sums it up for me. Go in insecure and suck on the elders’ nads whilst learning all the standard formulaic “chat”, so that in two years time you can go on to have your own nads sucked by more insecure losers who more than likely struggled to make the 2nds at school. So strong from the boys.

  • Sid Vicious

    Next time anyone of you meatheads replaces the word ‘drink’ with ‘beverage’, double taps an empty pint glass on your head, obeys orders not to speak to girls before 11pm, or says ‘strong’ in a non-ironic way etc etc, then please please think how ridiculous you look/sound. What will happen if you refuse to down a pint or if you don’t sing ‘I love hockey’ on a U18. Absolutely nothing. Grow some balls and a bit of respect for yourselves and don’t be peer pressured into acting like a moron. If you like rugby, play rugby, but acting like a complete tosser shouldn’t be a prerequisite for being a member of UBRFC. Regards, One of your own.

  • Andy Non

    Seriously strong from bath rugby club. You must be so strong! Really, though, superb strength. I can only imagine how proud I would be to have such cracking banter!!! I’ve always wanted to be a lad. Thanks for showing me the way (to be a great lad).

  • James Woods

    confirms what we already knew: students are a bunch of promiscuous airheads. It has to be said, those girls have amazing asses, though.

  • ksnlanfd

    do one u fuckin bore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uoi


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