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  • Qusha

    Auld Hoose has better nachos, pshaw racism, stick to the real issues like Nachos, shit guys get it together.

  • Nicole O’Brien

    No, because it doesn’t appear that the author intended to hurt anyone. Nothing more than a light-hearted article!

  • Maverickk

    They didn’t mean it to be racist, it’s just that we (I’m from Edinburgh) are all so pale, whenever we sit in the sun en masse, it can be blinding :’)

  • Greg

    It’s just a joke regarding how pale many of the students at Edinburgh are (myself included). Obviously Edinburgh has students of various ethnicities/skin colours other than Caucasians, but considering the tone of the article I very much doubt it was trying to deliberately ignore them.

  • Guest

    Not sure what is racist about suggesting white people look even whiter and paler in bright sun light, it would hardly make sense to say that black people gleam white in the sun. Moreover Edinburgh University undergraduates are almost 94% caucasian and only 0.4% black.

  • anon

    Don’t be a cunt mate